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Tax Refunds, CIS & Self Assessment Tax Returns

25% Off Tax Refunds. Hurry to begin your claim!

We provide the means to those claiming UK tax refunds for those on PAYE and CIS, as well as completing Self Assessment tax returns for those with Limited Companies and the Self Employed.

We will assist you claim what is rightfully yours.

UK Tax Refunds for Overseas Visitors

1 in 3 people overall, and 95% of overseas visitors working in the UK are due tax refunds each year. This equates to over £300 million worth of unclaimed taxes annually (BBC article), with average PAYE and CIS rebates starting from between £900 to £1400.

Apply now to begin your tax rebate or tax return:

Claim your PAYE Tax Refund

Self Assessment Tax Returns for Ltd Company Directors

Claim your CIS Tax Refund

Self Assessment Tax Returns for the Self Employed

For contemporary tax articles and items of interest, click on the link.

Why ClaimTax?

  • Individual, personalised service
  • Cheapest, quickest service
  • Documents prepared within 48 hours
  • Available online 7 days a week
  • Free, no obligation consultation
  • No rebate, no charge (PAYE Claims)
  • Your refund is guaranteed
  • IR will refund you directly
  • 6 Weeks average refund turnaround, as quoted by Inland Revenue
To begin your tax claim or self assessment process, please click here or email us for a free consultation.

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